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Master Print & Play Board Games

Looking for an exciting way to enjoy board games without breaking the bank? Print & Play (PnP) games could be the perfect solution for you. Whether you’re a longtime fan or curious about starting, this guide is packed with information on where to find and how to create your own PnP games. Let’s get ready to explore the world of Print & Play, where endless fun awaits with just a bit of printing and assembly.

Finding Print & Play (PnP) Games

Discovering the Best Print & Play Board Games: Your Ultimate Guide

Are you on the hunt for some amazing Print & Play board games but not sure where to start? Look no further! Whether you’re a board game enthusiast looking to expand your collection or a newbie seeking a budget-friendly way to dive into the hobby, Print & Play games are a fantastic option. And guess what? I’ve done the legwork to guide you to the best sources for these gems.

  1. BoardGameGeek’s Print & Play Forum
  2. BoardGameGeek (BGG) is like the encyclopedia of board games, and its Print & Play Forum is a treasure trove! It’s packed with discussions on the latest and greatest Print & Play games available. From detailed instructions on assembling the games to recommendations from avid gamers, BGG’s forum is your go-to spot for all things Print & Play. Dive into threads, ask questions, and explore the vast array of games shared by a passionate community.

  3.’s Tabletop Games Section
  4. isn’t just for video games; their Tabletop Games section is overflowing with creative Print & Play games from indie developers. Here you can find anything from intricate strategy games to fun family activities, all downloadable at the click of a button. What’s awesome about is that you can directly support the creators, often on a “pay what you want” basis. So, you can snag some cool games and feel good knowing you’re backing independent designers.

  5. Kickstarter – Before They Kick Off
  6. Kickstarter is a goldmine for cutting-edge board games. But did you know that many Kickstarter campaigns offer Print & Play versions of their games before the official launch? It’s a win-win; developers get to build excitement and receive valuable feedback, while you get early access to innovative games. Keep an eye on upcoming board game campaigns and don’t hesitate to back projects that interest you – the Print & Play rewards are often very affordable.

  7. Reddit – r/printandplay
  8. Reddit’s r/printandplay community is where you’ll find fellow Print & Play enthusiasts sharing their favorite finds, showcasing their creations, and offering tips on printing and assembly. It’s a fantastic place for discovering new games that you might not find elsewhere. Plus, it’s a great spot for asking for recommendations tailored to your tastes or for troubleshooting any assembly challenges you might face.

  9. Creators’ Websites and Blogs
  10. Many game designers host Print & Play versions of their games directly on their websites or blogs. This is a great way to explore the world of indie games and support creators directly. Dive into the blogs for insights into the game design process and access to unique, often experimental, Print & Play games. Don’t forget to leave feedback – indie developers love hearing from players!

Armed with these resources, you’re all set to dive into the diverse and exciting world of Print & Play board games. From strategic epics to quick family fun, there’s a Print & Play game out there for everyone. So, grab your scissors and glue, download your next adventure, and get ready to play!

And there you have it – no need to roam the internet aimlessly for the best Print & Play board games. With these resources at your fingertips, you’re well on your way to endless hours of tabletop fun. Happy gaming!

A variety of colorful Print & Play board games spread out on a table.

Preparing to Print

### How to Get Ready for Printing PnP (Print and Play) Games

Diving into the world of Print and Play (PnP) games is an exciting venture. It’s a unique way to experience new or rare board games, sometimes even before they hit the general market. Let’s jump right into how you can smoothly transition into printing and assembling your own PnP games. Whether you’re looking to fill your shelves with fresh games or just seeking a crafty evening, we’ve got the perfect guide for you.

Essential Supplies Checklist

  • Printer (Inkjet or Laser): Obviously, to print the game components. Make sure you have enough ink or toner.
  • Quality Paper or Cardstock: This is crucial. Regular paper works for rules and simple cards, but cardstock is a game-changer for durability.
  • Scissors and Crafting Knife: For precise cutting. A crafting knife is perfect for tricky details.
  • Cutting Mat: Protect your table and ensure clean cuts.
  • Ruler: A metal ruler aids in making straight, accurate cuts.
  • Glue and Tape: For assembling boxes, tokens, or thicker cards.
  • Punches and Corner Rounders: Not necessary, but they add a professional touch to cards and tokens.

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Prepare Your Files

Ensure your game files are organized. Check you have all the necessary pages—boards, cards, tokens—and that they’re high quality for printing. It’s frustrating to start cutting only to realize you missed a page!

2. Test Print

Before you commit to printing on high-quality cardstock, do a test print on regular paper. This helps you catch any errors and adjust printer settings for color and alignment.

3. Print and Let Dry

Once you’re satisfied, print the components on your chosen paper or cardstock. Ink, especially from inkjet printers, may need time to dry. Avoid smudging by giving them a moment before the next step.

4. Cutting Time

With your scissors and crafting knife, cut out the components. Use the ruler for straight lines and be patient—rushed jobs are noticeable! If your game includes cards, a corner rounder can give them a polished look.

5. Lamination (Optional)

If you want your game to last longer and withstand spills or wear, consider laminating the components. You can do this before or after cutting, but before is usually easier.

6. Assembly

Follow the game’s instructions for assembling any boxes, boards, or tokens. This may require glue or tape. If the game includes figures, some might need to be mounted on stands.

7. Storage

Find a safe place to store your PnP game. While an envelope might work for cards, creating or repurposing a box can keep everything together and protected.

Quick Tips

  • Use the Right Tools: Blunt scissors or a dull crafting knife can tear your components. Ensure they’re sharp for clean cuts.
  • Be Mindful of Ink Usage: Color-heavy components can drain cartridges quickly. Adjust your printer settings to save ink without sacrificing too much quality.
  • Get Creative: Feel free to enhance your game with personal touches, like custom tokens or decorated boxes.

Dive In!

Once you’ve gathered your materials and followed these steps, you’re ready to dive into the endlessly creative world of PnP games. Remember, the first game you print and assemble might not be perfect, but it’s a learning process. Each game you make will be better than the last, and soon, you’ll have a collection of games to be proud of. Plus, the satisfaction of playing a game you’ve assembled yourself is unbeatable. Happy printing and playing!

Image of printing materials and tools for PnP game preparation

Assembling PnP Games

Rolling right into our do-it-yourself adventure, let’s talk about color choices and final touches that can turn your Print & Play (PnP) game from good to great, ensuring your game nights are always a hit. After you’ve organized, printed, and assembled your game, these extra steps are like the cherry on top of your gaming experience.

Playing with Colors:

When we talk about colors, think about the vibe you want your game to have. Colors can set the mood. Darker colors might give off a more mysterious or intense feel, perfect for strategy or mystery games. On the other hand, bright and vibrant colors can make the game feel more dynamic and fun, ideal for family or party games. If your printer allows it, experiment with different color setups. Remember, it’s not just about making the game pieces look good, but also about creating an atmosphere that enhances your gaming experience.

Final Touches:

Now that your game is almost ready to hit the table, let’s add those final touches:

  • Sleeving Cards: If you’ve opted not to laminate, consider card sleeves. They’re perfect for keeping your cards in mint condition, especially for games with heavy shuffling. Plus, they can add a nice, professional feel.
  • Customized Tokens: If you’re feeling crafty, why not take a stab at custom tokens? Polymer clay can be a great material to work with. Sculpt and paint your tokens to fit the theme of your game. This can be a fun side project that adds a unique touch to your game.

Storage Solutions:

Keeping your game in top-notch condition requires a bit of thought on storage. Ziplock bags are great for small components like cards and tokens, but for boards, consider using document folders or even creating a custom box with cardboard. Not only does this keep your game organized, but it also makes setup and breakdown a breeze for game nights.

Creating a Rulebook:

Last but not least, don’t forget the rulebook. A clear, well-organized rulebook is crucial for a smooth gaming experience. You might think it’s just about writing down the rules, but there’s also an art to making them easy to understand and fun to read. Use bullet points, bold important terms, and maybe even add a few jokes or fun facts about the creation of your game.

Community Feedback:

After you’ve put all this effort into your game, don’t keep it to yourself. Share it with the community! Websites like BoardGameGeek and Reddit’s r/printandplay are excellent places to get feedback, find playtesters, and even share your game with others who might want to print and play it themselves. This is a fantastic way to improve your game, learn new techniques, and connect with fellow gamers.

Remember, the world of Print & Play games is vast, with endless possibilities. Each game you create not only offers a unique gaming experience but also brings the satisfaction of knowing you built it from the ground up. Whether you’re crafting a simple card game or an elaborate board game, the key is to have fun with the process and let your creativity shine. Who knows? Your next game night could feature a hit game designed by none other than you!

An image showing different colorful print and play game pieces

As we’ve seen, the world of Print & Play games is rich with opportunities for creativity, fun, and connection. By following the steps and tips shared in this guide, you’re well on your way to creating and enjoying your own board games. Whether you’re crafting solo or with friends, each game you print and play is a testament to the joy of board gaming and the shared experiences it can bring. So, gather your supplies, unleash your creativity, and let the good times roll with your very own Print & Play creations.

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