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5 Not So Traditional Christmas Party Games for 4 or More People

Great Christmas Party Games for a Group

Christmas is almost upon us! Christmas parties are always fun; you get to spend time with friends and family. It is an opportunity for everyone to dress up, drink eggnog, eat your weight in gingerbread cookies and spend some quality time with your loved ones.

Incorporating some Christmas games throughout the party can provide an unforgettable experience for your guests or can create traditions with your loved ones for years to come. With that in mind, we have put together a list of 5 not so traditional Christmas party games for 4 or more people. 

1. Scavenger Hunt

Gather a group of at least four people and provide each person with a piece of paper and pen. Give them the objective of finding things in your home within a specific time limit.

If they want to, they can take photos to prove they have completed their objectives! Once you have decided on a time limit, split everyone up and let them loose in your house.

Make sure you do not forget anything yourself, though. The first person back with all their tasks done wins the challenge! This can also be a competition between separate groups if more than four people, using the same time limit per round.

2. Charades

This is a tried and tested favorite for a group of people. Charades is a party game that involves acting out different clues for your friends to guess what you are trying to get across. They can either be words or short phrases from movies, songs, etc. To make it more festive, focus on Christmas-themed topics such as Christmas movies or TV shows.

Once someone thinks they know which film or show it is from the clues given, they need to run around the outside of the circle acting out what is going on to get their team members to guess!

The catch here is that only the team members outside the circle can see what is going on. As soon as someone guesses, they take their place inside the circle and become the next ‘actor’. The first person to make it back in wins!

3. Two Truths And A Lie

There must be games at Christmas parties so everyone knows each other and will want to stay for more than 5 minutes! One of those games is called ‘Two Truths and a Lie‘. This party game requires three people to sit down; one must leave the room as they are not involved in the game. The other two sit down and think of three statements about themselves but make sure one of them is not true.

Out of those three, only two must be true. After hearing all three statements, this person leaves the room then comes back in and has to guess which statement is not true. Once they have eliminated one of them, the other two reveal if their statements are true or false.

The person who is left must think about what answer to give on that round after hearing all three again. This game will get everyone talking to each other at your party. You can also make it a competition by seeing who can guess which one is the lie the fastest!

4. Pass The Parcel

Everyone must sit down in a circle. One person who isn’t playing starts off by taking the first layer of wrapping paper off the parcel, then they will pass it onto another player. They can either pass it by passing their arms underneath, over the top, or behind them.

After everyone has had one turn with the music on, another layer of wrapping paper is removed, and the music stops. Whoever was holding the parcel at this time now gets to keep unwrapping until they find something fun like a funny hat or joke item.

Once you have all got into a rhythm, the last layer of wrapping paper is removed. Then, there are two layers without music, so everyone must stay in their same spots for as long as possible. Whoever holds on to it after this point wins!

5. Box Of Lies

For this game, you only need two people but it can also be played in larger groups if required. One person starts by opening up a gift box or bag which contains either something festive or Christmas-themed. They then take the gift into another room where they cannot be seen before coming back in with their ‘present’ hidden behind their backs.

The other person has to guess what is inside the gift. If they are correct, the person who opened up the gift takes two steps back. Once the other person has guessed what is inside, they both reveal their answers. This continues until one of them cannot guess correctly or takes more than five seconds to decide on an answer!

Getting Into The Holiday Spirit

Christmas parties can get you in the festive spirit. The food, drinks, and all that merriment can have a habit of getting a little overwhelming sometimes, though. Sometimes, after a bit too much eggnog and singing ‘All I Want for Christmas is You‘, you just crave a little peace.

That is where these party games come in. Our suggested games adapted to suit groups of four or more people provide an alternative to the usual board games/trivia nights over the holiday season. So get together with your friends and family this year for some easy-going fun!

Tips For Planning A Successful Christmas Party

Here are a few tips for planning your best Christmas party yet.

Snacks and Preparation

Make sure there are plenty of snacks and drinks available, so people do not have to worry about being hungry or thirsty while having fun with these cool Christmas party games.

You can also make sure there are a few games in the back of your mind if too many people show up and you need something to do. Occasionally asking your friends what kind of things they want to do is a great idea, you will be surprised at how well it will go down!


Do not forget the music in between games too! It would help if you had something that everyone could get into and enjoy. The perfect playlist would be a mixture of pop songs that are not too loud so people can chat when needed yet still have fun when dancing around.

Make sure you try and get all of your guests into it too. Otherwise, the fun will just be in one corner!

Taking Pictures

You can involve each guest by getting them to take photos throughout the party with themselves, friends, and family to post on social media.

If you use a specific hashtag for your party, you can then upload these to your account later for other people to see how much fun they had at your Christmas party!

Silence The Phones 

Stick your phone on silent or turn it off! This is a time for community and connection. The last thing you want is the music being interrupted by a loud ringtone halfway through a game.

Also, it is not polite to others if you are always on your phone so switch it off so everyone can have fun. Connect, enjoy each other’s time, and make it a Christmas party worth remembering.

Create Enough Space  

Make sure you have enough seating space for everyone, especially if they play physical games like Charades. If necessary, put pillows down or extra chairs out. It is essential for no one to be left out and for each to have their own space.

Saying Thank You

Once the party has finished, make sure you have something ready for everyone, so they do not feel left out. This could be a sheet of paper with their name on it, which has either a ‘thumbs up’ emoji or some positive words for them, maybe even both!

They will appreciate the sentiment, and it just shows how much effort you put into making your Christmas party enjoyable for everyone.

The Value of Community

There are many reasons why people love to celebrate Christmas. One of the most important things about Christmas is spending time with loved ones during this special holiday. Spending time with your family or friends during the holiday season is very important because you get to spend quality time together, strengthen relationships, and have fun.

It is really about your experience when you are with your loved ones, not what presents you receive from others. Therefore it is only fitting to dedicate some of our valuable time during the holidays to show how much we appreciate them or give back in a small way for all they have done for us throughout the year.

The holidays are hectic so while everyone else is getting into the festive spirit, remember that it is important to balance everything out. No matter how busy you may be, family and friends should always take the time to enjoy each other’s company because no one alive is going to live forever. So, it is only fitting that we spend our time with them while we have the chance.

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