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How To Play Sock Hockey With Large Youth Group

Sock Hockey: Instructions on How to Play

Finding the right game to play for kids of all ages can be tricky, especially when it’s a larger group. If your youth group is having a lock-in or staying overnight somewhere, you will want to find an engaging game that everybody will enjoy. After trying many different games with our youth group, it was decided that we found the fan favorite.

So, how do you play Sock Hockey with a large youth group? The object of the same is to score more goals than the other team before time runs out, kind of like regular hockey. The twist is that you are playing with socks!

This game keeps the kids entertained for hours, and they love to try and score on you. Although this is a fairly simple game to play, there are some rules that you will need to know about before starting to be successful.

What Equipment Will You Need?

The first thing you need for this game is a lot of socks! Large pairs of white crew socks work best to use as your pucks. You will want to have at least 4 pairs of socks for each child playing.

If you are having an all-boys game, you may want to use boy’s knee-high socks instead because they are a little tougher material. However, if this is your only option, regular crew socks work fine as well.

You will also need to designate some type of goal area where the kids can score. If you are indoors, using two chairs back-to-back works best.

If you are outdoors, using hula hoops with trash bags is the best option. The hooks on top of the hula hoops make it easy to hang up anywhere!

Some equipment that will be helpful with this game is markers or paint. You will need to draw or paint your goals on the ground, and some thin tape is helpful if the kids are still sliding into them after you’ve done so.

The last thing that you need is lots of active participants! Large groups make this game a lot more fun and exciting, but you want to make sure that everybody is involved. You can always have a few kids “coach” the teams, giving them pointers or encouraging them as the game progresses.

How Does the Sock Hockey Work?

Once everybody is ready, you will need to divide the kids into two equally-sized teams. You can do this one of two ways: have them choose which team they want to be on or have both teams come together in a huddle, where you have them put their hand in the middle and count off by twos until you get everyone split evenly.

The object of this game is to shoot as many socks as possible into your opponent’s goal within the time limit that you decide on (usually 10 minutes works well).

The first team that scores 5 goals wins! If it doesn’t end at 5 goals scored, keep playing until there is a clear winner. If nobody has won by the end of the time limit, play another round.

Most important of all, have fun! Large group games are meant to be a great way to get everybody involved and enjoy their time with the youth group.

Alternative Game Options for Large Groups

If you don’t have the space to play sock hockey with your youth group, some other options can still make for a fun and engaging game.

Large group games like these are great because you don’t need as much space to play, making it the perfect option if your youth group is on the go or traveling someplace where they won’t have access to their usual meeting place.

Here are some game options for your next large group event:

Capture the Flag

Using a large, open space, divide the youth into two groups and have them stand on either side. Designate one area as your safe zone where you want all the kids to go after being tagged.

The object of this game is for a person from each team to make their way to the other team’s base and get a flag while avoiding getting tagged by members of the opposite team. If you are playing indoors, use hats or shirts as flags instead.

Obstacle Courses

Obstacle courses can be played outside or inside! They require lots of teamwork and cooperation between participants, but they’re very fun if everybody knows what they’re doing.

You will need about 10 people who know how to lead an obstacle course to get everybody through safely. Large groups work best for these, too!

Musical Chairs

When done indoors, this is a great way to find out how well your youth know each other or who would make a good manager or leader. If it’s done outside, the designated area needs to be larger and more open for people not to end up bumping into each other!

Outdoor musical chairs also work better if there aren’t any tables around that could potentially pose a danger.

Human Foosball

This is a great option for an indoor large group game. You will need 8-10 people that are willing and able to control the human “players” on each team. Large groups also work best because it can be hard to find enough participants for this very physical game.

The object of the game is to get your ball past the opposing team’s goalie by using only your feet! If you don’t have a ball, you can substitute a balloon or beach ball instead. Try not to use anything too small or light, otherwise, it might accidentally pop while someone is playing with it!

Simon Says

Large groups work best for this game because there need to be potential players all around to make it work correctly! Try not to do anything too physical with this one though because it can get very chaotic if things aren’t done in order.

Pass the Parcel

Large groups work best for this game regardless of what type of space you have. Pick two captains and line up all your youth group members behind them, with each one standing next to the person they’re standing beside.

Each time somebody gets a layer off, that person moves back into line and the captain in front of them moves up to be beside the person who took a turn. Large groups also work best for this one because there need to be enough layers of wrapping paper, tape, and boxes.

How Do You Create a Fun Environment for Youth Group?

Whether you are a part of an after-school group or are working with teenagers on Wednesday nights, it is important to create a fun environment for them. Large groups can be difficult to manage, especially if you have several different personalities in the mix.

However, creating an inviting atmosphere will make your large group experience more enjoyable for everyone involved.

If you are leading your group on Wednesday nights, here are some suggestions on how to create a fun environment for the youth group.

First of all, it is necessary to have the right location. A softball field might be fun for an outdoor event, but if you want teenagers to pay attention and enjoy themselves, try choosing a space with fewer distractions. For example, if your ministry meets in a school gymnasium, you should strive to have the lighting right.

Large empty walls are not inviting, so use decorations or posters to cover them up. You can even paint the walls with cheery designs or funny phrases, which will give teenagers something fun to look at while listening to speakers.

You should also keep the temperature in the room comfortable. Large gatherings of people tend to cause spaces to become hot quickly, so you will have to adjust the thermostat.

If your group meets during warmer months, try opening some windows. This will allow a pleasant breeze into the building, while still keeping it safe enough for everyone to stay inside.

Even having snacks and drink options for them in your youth group will help them feel more welcome. Large groups of teenagers can be ravenous, so having extra snacks available will take off the pressure for you to provide meals. The last thing you want is a room full of hungry young people.


Sock Hockey is a fan-favorite in our youth group because it’s a fun way to get everybody involved and keep them entertained for hours. Large groups love this game because there is always somebody on the sidelines cheering for them.

Large groups also love the fact that it is easy to get everybody involved because of how many people can be on each team. Group games like these are a great way to ensure that everybody feels included and has something fun and exciting to do while engaging in fellowship!

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