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Official Farkle Rules
Official Farkle Rules


Official Farkle Rules

Are There Official Farkle Rules?

I had always thought it was one of those made-up games you played at the church youth group. When I had gone to a different church the rules would change subtly or in some cases, it would feel like a totally different game. However, one rule that is always consistent is that it is more fun when you play with more than four players. So, are there official Farkle rules?

Yes, there are actual rules to Farkle, as the goal of the game is to score at least 10,000 points. As when the first player scores 10,000 or more points wins the game, provided no other players can exceed that score on their next turn.

So, now that you know there are actual rules to Farkle and you have an idea of what they are, let’s discuss all of the rules in more detail. So, keep reading to learn this and more!

Official Farkle Rules

Are There Rules To Farkle?

It is a good question to ask since there are many variations of the game. The answer is that yes, there are rules to Farkle but they are more guidelines than anything else. The game is meant to be enjoyable and not to be taken too seriously. There are many different ways to score points and the rules can be modified to fit the players’ needs.

One of the most important things to remember and to promote when playing Farkle is that it is more fun when you have more than four players. The game can be played with any number of people but it is recommended to have at least four so that there are enough people to socialize with and to make the game more interesting.

Playing Farkle is easy and only requires a few simple steps:

The goal of the game Farkle is to score at least 10,000 points.

Fundamenatals of Farkle

The game of Farkle requires the following:

  • There needs to be six normal die
  • To keep score you will need paper to keep score and a pencil
  • It is optional to have cups for the die

How Many Players?

Farkle may be played by two or more people, although it is best enjoyed with three to eight players.

General Rules For Farkle

There are many different versions of Farkle, so players must agree on which set of rules to use before starting the game. Our scoring summary chart includes all of the most commonly used rules and variations, making it easy for you to find the perfect fit for your game night.

Once all players have agreed on the rules, each person takes a turn to roll the dice. The player with the highest roll of the die starts the game.

  • The game begins with the chosen individual rolling all six dice clockwise.
  • Each player in turn rolls all six dice and checks to see if any scoring or combinations have come up. (See Scoring below.)
  • Any dice that score may be kept, and after that, the player has the option of rolling all of the remaining dice.
  • If possible, the player must set aside at least one scoring die they want to keep; however, they are not required to do so.

A good example would be, if on their turn they rolled a 1-2-2-5-5-6, the roller would have two options:

  • The one and the two 5;s would be kept for scoring.
  • Secondly, just set the one for scoring.

Official Farkle Rules

More Rules

The player may reroll any unset scoring dice, as well as the non-scoring dice. If all six dice have been set aside for scoring (known as having “hot dice”), the player has the option to roll all six dice again and continue adding to their accumulated score, or they can bank their points and end their turn.

  • The player whose turn it is with the dice continues until either they decide to stop and score their points, or they roll any non-scoring dice.
  • If a player doesn’t score any points on their roll, this is called a Farkle.
  • The player can continue rolling any unrolled dice, but if they get a Farkle, all of the points from that turn are lost and they must re-roll all of the dice.
  • If a player rolls all scoring dice on their turn, they score the total of those dice and their turn ends.

When the player’s turn has ended, all of the points that were made are added to the score. Then the next person receives the die.

Scoring of Farkle

The game of Farkle is all about scoring points. There are many different ways to score points in the game, and the rules can be modified to fit the players’ needs. The combinations and their corresponding point values are as follows:

– 1100 points: three 1’s

– 550 points: three 2’s

– 1,000 points: three 3’s

– 200 points: three 4’s

– 300 points: three 5’s

– 400 points: three 6’s

Points for straights/sequences (e.g., 1,2,3,4,5 or 2,3,4) vary depending on the number of dice in said sequence as follows:


Tree Pair – Example roll & scrabble play where you could use this combination to create a “triple pair”:

  • You roll two die showing 4s, and a third die showing a 5—your final score would be not only 1500 pts [500+ (two pairs x 500 =1000)], but also an extra 2000 BONUS PTS FOR HAVING MADE A SEQUENCE WITH ALL SIX NUMBERS ACROSS THE THREE DICE!!!!!)

One more example:

  • Just remember when totaling your endgame score that scoring combos only count towards your total ONCE PER TURN.
  • This means no reusing any scoring dice from previous turns by setting them aside; each throw must stand alone.
  • Also, Worth Noting: “Three Pair” can ONLY be achieved using all six numbers throughout THREE THROWS.

If you have already set some numbers aside during earlier turns to cobble together other higher pt combo plays such as “Full House”, then obviously those numbers cannot later contribute to a triple straight because they’re no longer available on your tableau.

  • Sometimes a single roll will provide multiple ways to score. For example, a player rolling 1-2-4-5-5-5 could score one of the following:
  • 100 points for the 1
  • 150 points for the 1 and a 5
  • 500 points for the three 5’s
  • 600 points for the 1 and the three 5’s

How to Win Farkle?

When the first player scores 10,000 or more points wins the game, provided no other players can exceed that score on their next turn.

Official Farkle Rules

The Variations of Scoring at Farkle

The game of Farkle has several different scoring rules. These can be used in combination with, or instead of, the basic scoring system outlined above. You are free to select any or all of the variations that you wish; however, only one or two at a time so that the game does not get too complicated.

Three pairs = 500 points

  • Preferably: 600, 750, 1000, or 1,500 points

Four of a kind = 2x (double) the 3-of-a-kind value

  • Preferably: 1000 points
  • Preferably: 4x the 3-of-a-kind value

Five of a kind = Triple the 3-of-a-kind value

  • Preferably: 2000 points
  • Preferably: 6x the 3-of-a-kind value

Six of a kind = Quadruple the 3-of-a-kind value

  • Preferably: 3000 points
  • Preferably: 8x the 3-of-a-kind value

Six 1’s = 5000 points

  • Preferably: The player instantly wins
  • Two triplets = 2500 points
  • Three 1’s = 300 points (Also known as a Pocket)
  • No points for a straight

Straight = 1500 points

  • Preferably: 1200, 2000, or 2500 points

Score For Starting Out

  • Once play begins, each player must continue to throw the dice until they have scored at least 500 points or Farkle.
  • Once they’ve reached 500 points, they may either keep rolling or end their turn. 350, 400, 600, and 1000 are all possible starting scores.

A Different Way To Win

  • The score you need to win the game needs to be larger or smaller than 10,000 (e.g., 20,000 or 5000)

What Is A Hot Dice Roll?

  • A player who scores on all six dice must roll them all again at least once.

Rolling Three’s

  • A player who rolls three Farkles in a row loses 1000 points.

Rolling Twos

  • A single roll of four or more 2s ends the player’s turn immediately and cancels their entire score for that round.

High Stakes (or Greed)

  • If a player decides to start their turn by rolling the dice that remain from the last player’s turn, they can accumulate 1000 points in addition to any other potential score.

When To Use Welfare?

  • A player must achieve 10,000 points to win the game. If a player scores more than 10,000 points in a turn, all of the points scored that turn are given to the player with the lowest score.

Five Die

  • With five dice instead of six, certain scoring combinations, such as three of a kind, become impossible.

Farkle Teammates

  • Teams are used during the game. You are across from your teammate at the table and add up their points. The typical end score is 20,000 points instead of 10,000.


These are the official Farkle rules. Remember, you can use any or all of the variations that you wish to make the game more interesting. So, now that you know the rules, it’s time to get out there and start playing! Have fun!

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