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Monopoly Game: Cheaters Edition Board Game Value Pack Bonus
Monopoly Game: Cheaters Edition Board Game Value Pack Bonus

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Monopoly Cheater’s Edition Complete Instructions on How To Win The Game By Cheating!

Complete Guide On Monopoly Cheater’s Edition

We all know how to play the game of Monopoly. But do you know how to play and make sure you always come out as the winner? I have tested many different strategies on how to always beat your competitor, and I have finally cracked the code!

So, what are the complete instructions on how to win Monopoly Cheater’s Edition? The most important step is to be sneaky- use your anger and frustration as motivation. Cheating in Monopoly is not something that should come naturally, but with enough practice, you will become a master of the game.

After many attempts at trying to beat my older brother at the game of Monopoly, I realized that I needed to take the strategy to the next level and find a way for me to win. We decided to try the Cheaters Edition!

Monopoly Game: Cheaters Edition Board Game Value Pack Bonus


The Object of the Game

The most important part of winning at Monopoly is knowing who has what properties and how much money they have left. To help collect this valuable information, it is best to keep your own money hidden so that the other players cannot see how much you have.

You can try catching other players cheating as soon as they do. You buy property in this game by collecting rent from it. If a player has enough cash when the timer runs out on their turn, then that person wins!

Cheaters Edition vs. Traditional Monopoly

The main difference between Cheater’s Monopoly and traditional Monopoly is that Cheater’s Monopoly allows you to get out of jail for free.

The rules are also different in that it can be harder or easier to win depending on the group you play the game with. For example, if everyone is cheating, then everyone will lose. If no one cheats, only the person who was best at monopoly will win. If only some people cheat, those people will have a better chance of winning.

Here are a few key differences to note in Monopoly’s Cheater’s Edition:

The Cheater Board

The Cheater’s Edition Monopoly game board is also different. It has more spaces, and the properties are not in the same order as on the traditional Monopoly game board.

Cheat Cards

These are your invitation to cheat! They’ll be placed on the board for all to see and, at any time, you can complete a card’s challenge by using cheating methods.

The cards have different challenges that range from trying not to get caught stealing someone else’s belongings or making someone’s day better with kind words – but beware of getting caught because we’re always watching out for those willing cheats who want nothing more than rewarding their ingenuity in this fun game called “Cheat”.

Tricky Chance & Community Chest Cards

The cards in this pack will help you sabotage your opponents by cheating at beauty pageants, jailing them for no reason, and forcing another player to charge less rent on their property.

No Banker

Instead of choosing one player to handle the Bank, you’ll pass around a tray so each player has it in front of them during their turn. You might want to watch out for sticky fingers!


You can be sent to Jail for all the same reasons as in regular Monopoly, but you could also end up there if caught cheating.

When it’s your turn and time to place a card on either Go or Discard Arrest space (or both!) take caution – you’ll have no choice but to wear those irons around your wrists!

Tips On Cheating During the Game

Playing Monopoly in a non-traditional way can be a lot of fun. But, if you’re looking to win, there are a few key things you should keep in mind:

Tip 1: Cheat More Than Your Opponents

The first step to winning the game is always cheating more than your opponent. This can be done in several ways – use more money, move the dice when they’re not looking, or even steal from them!

If you can get an advantage over your opponents, you will be in a much better position to win.

Tip 2: Play Dirty

Playing dirty is another key component to winning Monopoly. This includes things like accusing them of cheating, blocking their access to properties and resources, and generally being as annoying as possible! The goal is to make the game as difficult as possible for them to play so that they eventually give up.

Tip 3: Be Patient

The third step is to be patient. Winning Monopoly can take a while, so don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t happen right away. Cheating is the key to winning, so make sure you are doing it as much as possible!

Tip 4: Move Pieces Around

Move pieces around on the monopoly board when it’s not your turn. This is another way to cheat in monopoly. Simply pick up one of your pieces and move it around. If you’re caught, you might be asked to leave the game.

Tip 5: Stay Calm

The fourth step is to stay calm. This is easier said than done, but it’s important that you don’t get too frustrated if things don’t go your way. Losing your cool can lead to careless mistakes, and these can easily cost you the game.

Tip 6: Hide Money

Hide money or property cards on your person. This is one of the easiest ways to cheat in Monopoly. Simply tuck the money or cards into your pocket and they will be hidden from view.

Make sure to keep track of what you’re hiding though, so you don’t get caught with extra cash or property when it’s not your turn.

Tip 7: Keep Track

Keep track of how much money other players have and use this information to buy their property out from under them. This way, if someone lands on a piece of property that you own, they will need to pay you additional rent money for landing there.

Cheating is also crucial to get the right position of properties. This takes careful planning and time, but if you manage to obtain all of the good Monopoly pieces then you will surely win!

What Are Some Monopoly Strategies?

Many Monopoly strategies can help players win the game. Some of the most important ones are to buy as many properties as possible, to build houses and hotels on them, and to collect rent from other players.

The first strategy that we recommend is to buy as many properties as possible. Buying Monopoly sets you apart from other players, and it gives you the advantage of collecting monopoly money when other players land on your property.

The second strategy is to build houses and hotels on your monopoly sets. This will increase the rent that you get from others because once a monopoly set has at least one house, the rent goes up.

The final strategy is to collect monopoly money from other players. This can be done by landing on their property and collecting the rent, or by bankrupting them and taking all of their money. By following these three strategies, you will have a much better chance of winning Monopoly.

Advanced Monopoly Strategies

However, some people find monopoly to be an easy game. If you are looking for more difficult monopoly strategies, here is a list of monopoly cheats you can try:

  • Don’t sell properties with high rent values unless it’s necessary
  • Keep track of what houses have been built on each monopoly set by other players
  • Drive up the prices of properties that other players want to buy
  • Use fake money to purchase monopoly sets and properties from other players
  • Bankrupt other players as often as possible

These are just a few of the many available monopoly cheats. If you are looking to win at Monopoly, try using some of these strategies. However, keep in mind that some of them may be considered cheating, so use them at your own risk!

How Many People Can Play Monopoly?

Monopoly is a board game that can be played by two to eight players. The object of the game is to bankrupt the other players by buying and selling property, collecting rent, and making wise investments.

Players can choose to play either as one of the monopoly characters or use their names. The game typically lasts around two hours, but it can vary depending on the number of players. The more people play, the longer the game will last.

Monopoly is a great game for family gatherings and parties, and it can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, monopoly is always a blast.

How Long Does It Take Two People to Play Monopoly?

It can be difficult to say what the average amount of time is that it takes two people to play monopoly. This varies based on how long each player wants to play for and whether or not they get bored of playing monopoly before they reach the end of the game.

Generally speaking, however, two people should expect monopoly to take around three hours if they want to complete all required tasks in full.

This estimation includes time for players to roll the dice, move their pieces around the board, purchase and trade properties, and build houses and hotels.

If either player is feeling impatient, the game can be sped up by skipping some of these steps, but it is generally recommended that monopoly be played in a leisurely fashion to maximize enjoyment.


Monopoly is a great way to include a lot of people in a game, and it can be enjoyed by people of all ages. The Cheaters Edition is no exception, and it adds an extra layer of excitement to the game.

Make sure your opponents don’t know what you’re up to and use your monopoly strategies to outsmart them. We hope you enjoy this version of monopoly as much as we do!

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