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Five Simple & Fun Children’s Outdoor Group Games

Outdoor Group Games That Kids Will Enjoy

Enjoying the great outdoors with a group of children is a great way to spend the day, sharing stories and having fun. Group games are one of the best ways that children can have fun together! After working at a summer camp the past month, I’ve determined the best option for those who want to bring the children outside and get them away from their tablets.

So, what are the five fun children’s outdoor group games? The best games for outside include four square, scurry, capture the flag, relay races, and kick the can. All of these games are sure to get children up and moving around.

These classic games have been around for a long time because they are simple group games that use teamwork, but also get the children to have fun with their friends. If you wish to learn more about these games, make sure to keep reading!.

1. Four Square

This group game is one of the simplest group games to learn for children! All you need is a court-drawn with chalk, or tire tracks if it’s out on the road.

Four Square involves players hitting the ball over the net until they are out until there is only one person left standing. It can be done as an individual against another player or group vs group. This group game brings just enough competition between groups to have fun together!

2. Scurry

Scurry is played in teams of two people that are next to each other back-to-back. The goal of scurrying is for players to tag their partners’ hands before being tagged by an opponent themselves.

This makes it harder for them because they have to keep turning around instead of running away from an opponent!

3. Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag group game is one of the most popular group games for children. It is played out in a large field with two teams, each defending their home base. The group that captures the other group’s flag and returns it to their base wins!

This group game brings lots of energy, excitement, and competition between groups to have fun together! Capture the Flag is often played at night time with light-up toys or glow sticks so they can be seen in low light conditions too!

4. Relay Races

Relay races are always a good group game to join in on while enjoying an afternoon outside! There are many different types of relay races: egg and spoon race, three-legged race, or obstacle relay races for example!

These group games are great to get the group moving and to encourage teamwork between them while competing in low-pressure group game situations!

5. Kick the Can

Kick the Can group game is often played at night time because it isn’t an easy group game to follow. This group game is a lot of fun, with adults and children alike!

The group splits up into two teams who have to race around trying to “tag” each other while avoiding being tagged by the opposing team. If you get tagged, you have to go back to a designated area before being able to come back into play from where you were tagged from. The group that tags all opposing players wins!

These are just some ideas for group games – make sure to bring out lots of different types of outdoor group games on your upcoming adventures with groups of children or friends!

Best Indoor Group Games for Children to Play

Group games are always fun for children to play inside because they allow children to interact with others in the group. They also allow children to have a sense of community with others, which is important at any age.

The best group games for children to play are team-building group games that have rules set by adults so they can be used as learning tools too.

All group games should also be able to be completed indoors without having to go outside, though it’s okay if indoor group games require access to playground equipment (i.e., indoor parachute game). Here are some classic group games that can be enjoyed indoors:

Duck, Duck Goose

A group leader will call out “Duck or “Goose” and children who are the appropriate animal must quickly sit down when they hear their name, while children who are called “ducks” will chase and group in the group leader until they touch them.

This group game is great for teaching children to take turns and learn how to share, as well as group skills like turn-taking and following directions. One variation of the game that may be enjoyed by older children is Simon Says (see below).

Red Rover

This group game requires children to form one large line across a room with another group on the other side. The challenge is for one group to break through the other’s arms without getting tagged or breaking apart themselves.

Like most team games, this helps develop group cohesion because players have to think about group strategy to win the game.

Simon Says

This group game is one of the most widely recognized group games for children to play in a group. Unlike Red Rover, where all group members are required to break through the other group’s arms, Simon Says only requires players do what the leader says if they say “Simon says.”

This game can teach children about taking turns and following directions while also having fun with friends.

Hide and Go Seek

Children may love this classic group game that adults can enjoy too! The challenge comes when part of the group has to seek, while another part of the group hides so it can be more difficult than just hiding on your own.

This group game builds on teamwork skills because everyone must work together and communicate to be able to hide and seek.

Mother, May I?

This group game is merely based on asking for permission from the group leader before taking a step forward. If players ask for permission but do not receive it after making their request, they must stay where they are until another group member gets the okay from the group leader.

This group game builds leadership skills because it requires children to take turns acting as the group leader while other group members take turns asking questions. Players also learn how to follow directions when asking for permission.

Flying Saucers

At first glance, this group game may look confusing, but it’s pretty simple to play once you get started! The group leader will hold up two chairs in an arch shape while group members gather underneath them. The group leader then begins to lower the chairs, while group members walk under them quickly to avoid being tagged by the chairs!

This group game helps children communicate and work together because they have to communicate when to start walking or running before anyone gets caught.

Hippity Hop

This group game is great for teaching children how to take turns, follow directions, and work in a group. One group member will be the “Leader” at their designated place, while everyone else must stand behind them with two feet on the ground until the group leader permits them to move so they can change places.

This game is great for teaching turn-taking skills because participants must always yield to the floor when it’s not their turn.

How Do You Keep Children Engaged Without Technology?

Children are living in a time of technology. This means children are engaging with technology more than ever before. Technology stimulates children’s minds, but children need hands-on activities that keep them engaged without technology to bolster their creativity and critical thinking skills.

Many children can engage in creative ways without using modern technologies, such as playing outside or drawing pictures. Here are some ideas on how you can help children stay engaged without technologies by encouraging children to interact with the world around them.

Engage Children Through Music

Learn all kinds of musical instruments, including drums, guitar, piano, and violin. Involve children by saying “You can play this recording of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5 while I clean the bathroom.”

Engage Children Through Art

Create children’s artwork ahead of time by making children draw, paint or color before they watch television. Put children’s artwork on the fridge so children can feel proud that their creativity is being seen by others.

Engage Children With Movement

Encourage children to run around outside for half an hour every day, go biking together, or do jumping jacks in the yard together.

When children are moving, they’re engaging with each other and their surroundings without technology. Also, make sure to take frequent breaks where children play video games or computer games with you to relax during busy times of the day.

Engage Children With Imagination

Allow children to play pretend inside the house instead of playing outside. For example, children can put on a costume and act like their favorite toy is alive.

Let children create their action figures out of household objects or let children build forts out of pillows.


As you can see, there are many options children have when it comes to having fun with a group. Group games can be very beneficial for children as they learn how to work together. They can also make children who are more introverted feel like they belong in the group.

Just make sure nobody gets hurt, and enjoy the beautiful outdoors!

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