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Top 10 Ice Breaker Games for Young Adult Groups

People are starting to get out more and gather in larger numbers. They are going back to work and church. Getting reacquainted is important and so ice breaker games are a great way to do that. One of the best is Two Truths and a Lie.

The Best Starter Games For Young Adults

If you’re looking for a fun way to get your young adult friends together, consider hosting a game night! What about the situation where not everyone knows each other very well? Don’t worry! We have rounded up some great ideas for ice-breaker games to get things going. These games are perfect for getting people to know each other and avoiding any awkwardness. So if you are ready to host a fun game night, you need these top ten ice breaker games for young adult groups:

  • whodunit
  • two truths and a lie
  • would you rather
  • people bingo
  • simple card games like Uno or spoons
  • “apples to apples” or “cards against humanity”
  • minute-to-win-it games
  • what’s on your phone?
  • relay race/challenge course
  • scavenger hunt

These games are sure to be an instant hit and get everyone chatting and having fun in no time. Read on to learn how to play these top ice-breaker games and tips on how to host a successful game night!

How To Play Whodunit

This classic ice breaker game is sure to get everyone participating. It’s a great way for your guests to get to know each other better. The object of the game is to guess who matches the randomly chosen card with a fact about themselves.

  • To play, each person will write down a random fact about themselves on a piece of paper.
  • Next, everyone will fold up their papers and put them into a hat or bowl.
  • Then, one by one, each player will draw a card from the hat/bowl and read the fact aloud. The rest of the players will try to guess who wrote the fact.
  • The first person to guess correctly gets a point. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins! (you can also do this without scoring points too) Put a spin on it and do different categories each round like “first job” or “weird fear.”

Two Truths And A Lie

This ice breaker game is a classic for a reason- it’s simple, easy to understand, and always leads to some interesting conversations. To play, each person will think of two facts and one lie about themselves. Go around the group and each person will say their 3 statements. Everyone else in the group will then try to guess which statement is the lie.

For example, I might say “I have been skydiving, I have a pet lizard named Steve, and I am scared of heights.” The goal is to trick people into guessing the lie, so make your truths as wild or boring as you want!

Would You Rather

Would you rather be a great ice breaker game similar to the above two? It’s all about getting to know each other in a fun way. To play, simply pose a “would you rather” question to the group and have everyone answer.

For example: “would you rather be able to read people’s thoughts or be able to fly?” You can make the questions as easy or difficult as you want. The weirder the better!

People Bingo

This ice breaker game is very easy to customize to the group you’re in! To play, everyone will need a bingo card (which you can easily make yourself or find online).

  • On each square of the bingo card, write a different trait, hobby, or interest. For example: “has been to Europe” or “likes country music.”
  • Then, go around the group and have each person sign off on the squares of the traits they fit. For example, if I like country music, I would sign my name in the square that says “likes country music.” The first person to get bingo (5 in a row) wins!
  • You can also put a spin on this and make it more challenging to require two people to share an interest or trait to sign off a square.

Simple Card Games

Sometimes the best ice breaker games are the ones that don’t require any props or planning. If you’re looking for something low-key and easy, try playing a simple card game like Uno or Spoon with your young adult group. The key is to pick a card game that is easy to play and requires little to no experience so everyone can have fun without any pressure!

“Apples To Apples” Or “Cards Against Humanity”

If you’re looking for an ice breaker game that will get the laughs started, try playing “apples to apples” or “card against humanity.” These are simple to play games that get people out of their comfort zone a bit. Of course these games you will have to purchase or try to make your own at home.

Minute To Win It Games

These are always a favorite! They are perfect for large groups and can be done with little to no planning. Simply choose a few easy “minute to win it” style games and have at it!

A few of our favorites include:

– The Oreo Stack: stack as many Oreos on top of each other as you can in one minute

– The Cup Stacking Race: stack and unstack cups as fast as you can in one minute

– The Balloon Pop: blow up as many balloons as you can and then pop them all in one minute!

-The M&M Sort: sort as many M&Ms by color into separate bowls in one minute.

The possibilities for these minute to win it games are pretty much endless! It’s a great way to get everyone participating and having fun.

What’s On Your Phone?

This unique ice-breaker game is similar to bingo/a scavenger hunt and uses something you know every guest will have- a phone! You can do this with teams or individuals (we think teams are more fun!). You will come up with a few different topics beforehand, for example:

  • find an app that starts with the letter ‘a’
  • who has the most apps
  • most photos in their gallery
  • a photo of a meal (not from google!)
  • find 5 apps that are an orange icon (already installed on phone)
  • who has the earliest alarm set in their phone

There are so many fun things you can come up with and this is a great game to start with first as people have the excuse to be on their phones while getting warmed up!

Relay Race

If you want to get everyone up and moving, try a good old-fashioned relay race or scavenger hunt! For a relay race, you will need to split your group into teams of equal numbers and have them line up.

You will then need to come up with a few simple tasks for each team to do (for example: pass an egg down the line without dropping it, making a paper airplane that can fly the furthest.) The first team to complete all of the tasks wins!

Scavenger Hunt

Nothing is easier than a scavenger hunt! This is a great game to play outdoors or at a mall too. For a scavenger hunt, you will need to come up with a list of things for each team to find. It can be anything from common household items to more unique things like:

-a penny dated before 1980

-an expired coupon

-a black Sharpie

-a picture of a cow

Again, the team that can find everything on the list first wins!

Tips For Hosting The Best Game night For Young Adults

Alright now that you have the top ten ice breaker games for young adults, it’s time to get into our best tips for hosting the best game night ever!

Here are a few tips:

  1. Make sure you have enough food and drinks for everyone.
  2. Have a mix of games that will appeal to different people. You don’t want everyone to be playing the same game all night.
  3. Make sure you have enough prizes on hand! This is always a good motivator for people to get into the games.
  4. Unless you are a close group of friends, choose games that are simple, not too personal, and easy to play so no one feels uncomfortable or left out!
  5. Have some low-key music or even sports or a tv show on in the background. This can help with any bits of quiet or transitioning between games.
  6. Finally, have fun and enjoy yourself! Games are meant to be a fun way to spend time with friends so make sure you relax and don’t take things too seriously.

We hope you enjoyed this blog post on the top ten ice breaker games for young adults! Give these ideas a try and we’re sure you’re next game night or get-together will be a success!

Related Questions

What is an ice-breaker game?

An ice-breaker game is a game or activity that is used to help people get to know each other, break the ice, and feel more comfortable in a group setting.

Where should I host my young adult game night?

Most game nights are hosted in someone’s home, but you could also host it at a restaurant or bar with a private room, an arcade, or even outdoors!

What if I don’t have enough people to play these ice breaker games?

Not a problem! Many of these games can be played with smaller groups or even just two people. Get creative and have fun!

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